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One of the most devastating injures that can occur during a car accident is paralysis. Paralysis is an injury that not only causes severe pain and suffering, as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills, in the short term. It can also cause severe stress on the victim, and his or her family, as well as a lifetime impact on the victim’s career and personal relationships.

It is critical to receive full and fair compensation if you or someone you love has been paralyzed in a car accident. At the law firm of Woodruff Johnson & Evans, our personal injury lawyers have significant experience helping accident victims throughout Illinois. You need someone on your side to protect your rights and ensure you receive what you deserve from the insurance company and/or from parties whose negligence caused your accident.

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Paralysis typically occurs after a spinal cord injury, where trauma damages the vertebrae or the spinal cord and makes it impossible for the brain to communicate with parts of the body. There are typically two types of paralysis:

  • Paraplegia, where there is impairment of the motor and/or sensory functions of the lower extremities
  • Quadriplegia, where there is impairment of the motor and/or sensory functions in all four extremities

Generally, the higher in the spinal column the trauma occurs, the more dysfunction a person will experience. Paralysis is extremely devastating, both financially and emotionally, and those impacted need protection so that those burdens are not increased.

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