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An on-the-job injury can have devastating and long-lasting effects to a workers’’ ability to maintain gainful employment. It is not uncommon for union workers’ to attempt to “work through” the injury for fear of losing their jobs. This is simply not true. An experienced attorney can examine the facts of your accident and provide legal advice regarding your best course of action.

The Illinois labor union workers’ accident lawyers at Woodruff Johnson & Evans have more than a century of combined years of experience representing injured workers’. We treat all of our clients with respect by returning phone calls promptly and providing personal service and individual attention. If the client approves, we are happy to communicate freely with union leadership regarding the ongoing progress of the case. We can interpret union agreements and identify where any compensation overlap occurs. Our clients trust us for our professional demeanor and careful attention to detail. We will aggressively fight for our clients’ full and fair compensation benefits.

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We are proud to represent injured union workers’ and are honored to be chosen to provide legal advice and representation. Our clients rely on us for effective communication and efficient resolutions. We have worked hard to foster a reputation based on professional representation, skilled negotiation and thorough preparation. Through our reputation and our knowledge of workers’ compensation law, we have been invited to speak at many union events all across Illinois. We regularly provide free training to union members about their rights and the compensation they are entitled to after an accident.

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