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If you are driving and your brakes fail to respond, it can be a frightening situation. In some situations, it can cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles and end up in accidents that result in serious injuries. Brake failure can have a variety of causes, and when a serious accident happens, it is important to have an experienced lawyer on your side who can determine if your accident can be attributed to negligence.

At the law firm of Woodruff Johnson & Evans, our attorneys have extensive experience in auto defect and auto accident cases throughout Illinois. We have helped clients recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages and additional expenses. Working with technical experts, we will thoroughly investigate your accident to determine what happened, how the brakes failed and how that led to an accident.

Illinois Brake Failure Accident Lawyers

It takes a good amount of force for brakes to effectively stop heavy cars, trucks and other vehicles. There are many reasons why brake failure happens, including:

  • Failure to install a brake shift interlock
  • Defective parking brake system
  • Problems with brake system hydraulic lines
  • Defective anti-lock brakes
  • Poor manufacturing of brake rotors, drums or pads

Our firm will look to see whether negligence could have occurred on the part of the vehicle manufacturer, the brake manufacturer or another party who is responsible for the brake failure.

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