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Lifetime Workers’ Compensation Benefits
Illinois Work Comp Lawyers

In some instances, injured workers’ in Illinois can receive medical care and weekly wage compensation for life.

Insurance companies and many law firms don’t want you to know that lifetime benefits may be an option for you. It’s more expensive for both the insurance companies and the lawyers to win lifetime benefits, but in some cases it’s the right thing to do.

At Woodruff Johnson & Evans, we are dedicated to doing right by our clients. We will help you evaluate whether it would be more beneficial to take a lump sum workers’ settlement after disability or receive lifetime weekly wage compensation and medical benefits.

If you are 40 years old and your work accident required knee replacement surgery, for example, we would probably advise you to seek lifetime medical benefits because replacement joints tend to wear out and need to be replaced. Would lifetime weekly benefits be an option for you? Please contact our workers’ compensation benefits attorneys today to discuss your case.

Medical Benefits for Life

In order to receive medical benefits for the rest of your life, you must reject the insurance company’s settlement offer and proceed to litigation. If you voluntarily accept a settlement offer, the medical treatment ends. We will file a law suit on your behalf and represent you at hearing. We frequently win lifetime medical benefits for eligible clients in arbitration.

Weekly Wage Compensation for Life

If you are unable to return to work — despite vocational training — because of a permanent total disability, you may qualify to receive compensation equal to 66.66 percent of your weekly average wages for the rest of your life. Again, you must refuse the insurance company’s offer of a lump sum payment in order to receive lifetime wage compensation. We can help you run the numbers and determine what route is most beneficial for you.

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