Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

Some workers’ compensation claims arise with particular traumatic events – a back injury caused by lifting heavy equipment or a knee injury caused by falling down stairs. In other cases though, serious injuries arise as the result of simple repeated motions, such as office workers’ who develop carpal tunnel syndrome.

If you are suffering from numbness or tingling in your fingers and pain in your hands or wrists, come to the law firm of Woodruff Johnson & Evans. Our attorneys provide skilled legal representation for injured workers’.

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Our Approach To Handling Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Concerns

When you come to our offices, you will work directly with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney throughout your case. We will begin with a thorough investigation of your potential claim to fully understand the nature and severity of your injuries.

Once we have reviewed you case, we take a three-part approach to helping you with your claim. First, we work to take care of your medical concerns, then we address your job situation, and finally we resolve any outstanding financial concerns.

  • Medical benefits: We will work diligently to ensure that you receive the treatment you need to allow the most successful recovery. Whether your carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms can be alleviated through basic treatments like splinting and anti-inflammatory medication, frequently full recovery can only be reached through surgery.
  • Job opportunities: Although carpal tunnel syndrome can develop as the result of a single traumatic incident, it is more commonly a repetitive motion injury, stemming from a long-term pattern of movement. With carpal tunnel syndrome, you may be unable to return to your prior employment. We’ll help you arrange appropriate training opportunities so that you can secure gainful employment in alternative working conditions that will not aggravate your injuries.
  • Financial compensation: Until you have received treatment for your injuries and determined your future career opportunities given the limitations of carpal tunnel syndrome, it is impossible to understand the financial impact of this injury on your life. Once we have addressed your medical care and your employment situation, we will negotiate disability benefits to secure full and fair financial compensation for your injuries.

For general information about workers’ compensation benefits, please visit our workers’ compensation information center. For specific information about your potential legal remedies though, it is best to speak to an experienced attorney.  Contact our offices today to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.

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