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Just like employees in any other field, when employees of schools are injured on the job, they are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. However, school employees have special considerations that must be addressed when pursuing a workers’ compensation claim.

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The Illinois Education Association highly recommends that you contact a workers’ compensation attorney if you have suffered a work-related injury. Since the founding of our firm, we have been a recommended law firm of the Illinois Education Association.

Special Considerations for School Employees Injured While Working

Generally, the amount of compensation a worker is entitled to receive in workers’ compensation disability benefits is based upon the average weekly salary that person received during the prior year. Often this can be computed using simple math – a person’s total annual salary, divided over a 52 week period.

However, teachers and other school employees are a special group. With lengthy summer vacations, they rarely work 52 weeks out of the year; an average work calendar is more likely to be around 42 weeks per year. The Illinois Supreme Court has established that an injured school employee should receive compensation based upon the number of weeks they actually work rather than the number of weeks in a calendar year.

Consequently, rather than dividing the annual salary by 52, the employee’s annual salary should be divided by 42 weeks (or the number of weeks in the school year). This results in a higher weekly average, which is then used as the basis for determining work comp benefits. Ultimately, this results in higher benefit payments for the school employee.

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