Instructions for the Injured

Instructions for the Injured


Illinois Personal Injury Lawyers


Many clients ask us what their role in the case will be. The successful prosecution of your case depends on all of us working together as a team. The following is a list of Instructions for the Injured we would like you to do to assist in your case.

  1. TALK TO NO ONE. Don’t talk to anyone about your accident except the lawyers or investigators in our office. Always require identification so you are sure who you are talking to. If anyone wants to talk to you, from whatever source, have them contact this office – we will make sure your interests are protected.
  2. YOUR DOCTOR. Return to each of your doctors as often as necessary, and always tell them about all your complaints. Do not minimize your ailments. A doctor must know these things in order to properly treat you.
  3. RECORDS. Keep accurate and detailed records of the following: (a) Lost time and wages; (b) Hospital, doctor, drug and other medical bills; (c) Other losses directly resulting from your injury. Forward copies of all bills to us.
  4. REPAIRS. Do not have any object involved in your accident repaired until we have had an opportunity to examine it; to have it photographed; or to have it examined by an expert. This in necessary in order to preserve evidence in your case.
  5. WITNESSES. Immediately furnish us with the correct names, addresses and telephone numbers of any and all witnesses you may learn of. If you learn that someone is permanently leaving the area, please call us so we can take their deposition if necessary.
  6. EVIDENCE. Give to our investigator any photographs you may have pertaining to your case. If you are in traction, or receiving other types of medical treatment, notify us so we can determine whether we want you photographed. If your injury requires a brace, cast, traction, or other appliance, save it for evidence in trial. Save physical evidence and discuss it with your lawyer or investigator.
  7. HOSPITAL AND DOCTOR BILLS. Have your own insurance company pay as many hospital and doctor bills as possible. You should have your hospitalization insurance, such as Blue Cross and Blue Shield, pay as much on your bill as possible. You should not expect them to wait until your case is tried or settled to receive payment. You should, therefore, pay any balance as soon as possible.
  8. QUESTIONS. We will probably not contact you until we have something definite to report. If you have any specific questions in regard to these instructions or any other matters in regard to your case, please feel free to call or write us or come in and review your file. Please be patient and remember that many things will be done on your file even though you may not hear from us. For everyone’s convenience, if you would like to visit our office to see one of the attorneys or investigators, please let us know in advance so that we can arrange a mutually convenient time.
  9. YOUR ADDRESS. Be sure to keep us advised of any change in your address or telephone number.

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