Winter DrivingWinter Driving; I’m usually someone who likes winter until after January 1.

Unfortunately, we are dealing with a lot more zero and sub-zero temperatures much earlier than in past years. Not only does that mean less time outdoors and more time getting cozy by the fire, but it is time to remember how to drive safely in these dangerous conditions.   

Keeping a greater distance between you and the car in front of you is a good way in which to navigate slippery roads. When we first started driving, we all learned of the tried and true 2-second rule. In dangerous weather, consider making it the 4-5 second rule. Additionally, while many drivers ignore the speed limit in normal driving conditions, consider also doing so in bad ones alike. This means driving less than the speed limit in icy conditions and going only as fast as the conditions allow, giving you the ability to maintain control of your vehicle in case you need to brake suddenly. Most importantly, if you do not feel safe driving in such conditions and you are on the edge of your driver’s seat on the roads, consider staying put. Accidents are not only caused by overly-aggressive drivers but also ones who overreact to poor conditions.

We all can drive safer and be more cognizant of the conditions and other drivers around us. No place or time commitment is so important that we need to risk even a 1% chance that we don’t walk away from a crash on the way there. Using some common sense in winter driving and taking as much time as you need to get from place to place is the best way to assure everyone’s safety, including your own.    

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