$1,000,000 – Construction Accident: Truck driver herniates lumbar disc, fractures nose when struck in face by thrown 4×4 piece of wood.

$595,000 – School Bus Collision: Bus driver develops fibromyalgia after rear end collision. Amount is a record for fibromyalgia outside of Cook County, IL.

$800,000 – Surgeon Medical Malpractice: Botched gallbladder surgery results in 63 year old woman’s death.

$1,030,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident: 81 year old driver “T-boned” by cement truck in suburban intersection lands in intensive care.

$356,000 – Workers’ Compensation, PTSD: Heavy machine operator develops post-traumatic stress disorder after witnessing his co-worker crushed by his malfunctioning machine.

$476,000 – Sexual Harassment: Complaints by Central Illinois factory worker of sexual harassment by male co-workers ignored by management.

$985,000 – Highway Collision: Highway surveyor sustains fractured leg when struck by careless driver who initially fled scene and pretended only to be a witness.

$382,000 – Work Injury, Store Manager: Restaurant manager fall on ice leads to back surgery and inability to return to work.

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