Injured Workers’ Benefit Fund: When your employer doesn’t have Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation claims in general are tricky to navigate through, but cases involving the Injured Workers’ Benefit Fund are far more complex. Illinois state law requires employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance in order to protect any employee who suffers an injury on the job. But what happens if your employer doesn’t carry the required insurance? In this vlog, Attorney Lynn Taylor covers a few questions you may have if you are injured at work and you find yourself in this situation.

My name is Lynn Taylor and I’m an attorney with Woodruff Johnson and Evans. Illinois law requires employers to carry workers compensation insurance in order to protect any employee who’s injured on the job. What happens when your employer doesn’t carry worker’s compensation insurance? Today, we’re going to go through a few quick questions and answers regarding what happens when you’ve been injured at work and find out that your employer doesn’t have workers compensation insurer.

What happens to my employer for not having workers compensation insurance? The state may assess fines and penalties against your employer for failure to comply with the law and carry worker’s compensation insurance. These fines would then be paid to the fines in order to provide benefits for employees in your same position in the future.

What about my wages while I’m off work due to my injury? If the arbitrator awards you wages for the time you’re off work for your injury then a federal issue payment for these benefits as well. Be sure to keep all of the work status notes from your doctors in order to prove entitlements fees.

When will my benefits be paid? These features when all my benefits being paid at the end of each year the five issues payments for benefits awarded from July of the prior year through June of that year benefits from underpaid on a pro-rata basis. So that means that there are more benefits awarded in a given year than is available in that bind. You may only receive a percentage of what is awarded. Worker’s compensation claims, in general, are tricky to navigate through but cases involving injured workers benefit fund are far more complex. In order to ensure a successful claim against the fund, you need the assistance of an experienced workers compensation attorney who is familiar with the process to make sure that all the requirements. Call the attorneys at Woodruff Johnson and Evans to discuss your case and how will help to make sure that you receive from the fine and all the benefits which you’re entitled.

I wouldn’t have gotten the relief from my injury if Jay had not gotten involved.

I was referred to Woodruff, Johnson & Evans by a friend after a work related car accident. The workmen comp adjuster was giving me the run around. I was having terrible back pain but because it was work related my doctors could not provide me the treatment I need. Jay Johnson began investigating my case […]

Randel M

Outstanding job for my mother and me.

Very professional. Was referred to me by my mother. Did an outstanding job for my mother and me. Great service!

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Russ was the best!

Russ was the best! I got his number from my cousin. Best phone call I ever made! Always there for anything I needed and got all my bills paid and some compensation for me! Highly recommend.

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Thank you for a good service!!

Steve Sandler presented himself professionally with good rapport and showed concern for my well being. I will definitely recommend him to others!! Thank you!!

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This man knows what he is doing.

I can’t say enough about Jon Walker. He took my case after being denied. Told me everything I had to do and kept me calm during the wait and got me approved! If you want a professional lawyer who knows how to get you approved call WOODRUFF JOHNSON & EVANS I cannot thank you enough […]

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Russ Haugen helped me far beyond what I expected. He was polite and communicated with me every step of the way. Thank you for everything!

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I really felt like I had an ally!

Jon Walker represented me in a Work Comp case. I really felt like I had an ally and someone who was going to protect me and my rights after I was injured at work. Jon was extremely attentive and available to me when I had questions or needed advice throughout the entire process. Also, Jon […]

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Recommendation to Blessing

I had a lawyer working on my insurance claim that was extremely unprofessional and after 8 months of getting nowhere, I fired him. Dexter Evans was recommended to me by a family member. He was extremely professional and made the insurance claim very easy for me. He was very informative and always got back to […]

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I am forever Grateful for this Firm!

I am forever Grateful for this Firm. Steven Sandler stayed on top of my auto accident. I was kept informed on every thing. They were there for me and I will be sure to recommend them. Thank you!!!

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¡Estaba muy satisfecho con los resultados!

¡Estaba muy satisfecho con los resultados! Mi abogado, Jay Johnson, me explicó el proceso para que entendiera lo que estaba sucediendo con mi caso. Estaba muy satisfecho con los resultados y recomendaría a mi familia y amigos que necesitan ayuda legal que vayan a Woodruff Johnson & Evans.

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