First a Work Injury, Then an Additional Injury: 2 Types of Intervening Injury

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Work injuries are stressful and painful. That stress and pain can be compounded if you suffer an intervening injury while recovering from your work injury. If that intervening injury happens while you are rehabbing from a work injury, that injury also is covered by the Workers’ Compensation Act in Illinois. There are two types of intervening injuries that we commonly see. 

The first type of injury is an injury that takes place while you are in physical therapy actively treating for your work injury. If you injure yourself in physical therapy, whether you injure the same part of your body or a different part of your body, such an injury is covered under Illinois workers’ compensation law. You are entitled to receive all necessary medical treatment, compensation for lost wages caused by this intervening accident, and even compensation for permanent injuries caused by such an intervening accident. If you suffer such an injury in physical therapy, tell your physical therapist and doctor immediately. Timely documenting such an injury is critical to protecting your rights. 

The second type of intervening injury comes from overusing the part of your body opposite the part originally injured in a work accident. Assume that you injured your left arm in an accident at work. As a result, you have limited use of the left arm. Consequently, you have to use your right arm more than you normally would. Soon, that right arm begins to hurt. You see your doctor and learn that your right arm now is injured, too. Fear not! In Illinois, this type of injury also is covered by the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act. You are entitled to all necessary medical treatment, compensation for your lost wages, and compensation for permanent injury caused by this overuse. 

If you begin to suffer pain to the body part opposite the side you injured in a work accident, see your doctor immediately. Timely documentation of such an injury is critical to preserving and protecting your rights. To learn more about workers’ compensation, visit our Guide to Workers Compensation page. Contact or call Woodruff Johnson & Evans Law Offices at (630) 585-2320.


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My attorney, Jay Johnson, was efficient and there for me when I needed help with my work-related injury. Whenever I had an issue related to my employers’ insurance adjuster, he took care of it. Jay protected my rights when I was wrongfully charged medical bills and collectors. Jay always made himself available when I had  […]


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Rodrigo G.

Work Compensation Attorney Leandro Alhambra Fought Hard For My Case. I Highly Recommend Him. Great Communication.

Leandro Alhambra at Woodruff, Johnson & Evans did an excellent job. From the time I first contacted him, he was professional and caring. He kept me informed even during the pandemic and he fought to get me a good settlement. I recommend him highly!

Edward P.

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I got hurt at work and my employer workers comp has a history of giving hurt employees a “Run Around.” Well, my workers comp “kept” loosing my Doctors orders for physical therapy. After a couple of weeks of this “Run Around” I contacted Russell. It was approximately 20 minutes after speaking to Russell, and my […]

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Jay Johnson was an amazing attorney. Whenever I had a question, however little it was, I’d always hear back from him either that same day, or the following morning. I really felt he represented me very well. I’d highly recommend him to anyone who has even a question about their case!

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Very good and professional service I received from Dexter.

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