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The requirements and limitations for returning to work often confuse many people who have suffered work-related injuries. In this blog, we explain what you need to know about workers’ comp benefits and returning to work after your injuries have healed.

Temporary Disability

Some injured workers are entitled to temporary disability benefits for their work-related injuries.  Temporary disability gives you partial compensation for the wages you lost from missing work. Generally, temporary disability benefits amount to two-thirds of your weekly gross pay. The benefits are usually paid out every two weeks. A doctor must verify that your injuries prevent you from working before you can receive your first temporary disability check.

Permanent Disability

Permanent disability benefits are awarded to workers who haven’t completely recovered from their injuries and lost some ability to compete in the labor market with uninjured workers. The benefit amount depends on the limitations of the injured party’s ability to work.

Returning to Work

When you return to work after your injury, you are supposed to be paid wages equal to or greater than what you were earning before you suffered the injury. If you are paid a fair wage, your workers’ compensation benefits will be stopped. If you are paid less than what you were making before the injury, you might be eligible to continue receiving benefits for lost wages.

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