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Remember, report all work injuries.  Seek treatment for your injuries.  Seek treatment with your own doctor.

In the last blog, “Report work-related accidents,” we discussed how the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act provides the only remedy against your department for on the job injuries and how important it is to report your work injuries, no matter how minor, in a timely manner.  If you have suffered a work injury, you have a right to seek medical treatment for that injury — with your own doctor — at your department’s expense.

Your department cannot control your medical treatment or direct where you can go to get the medical treatment you need because of your work injury.  You do not have to go to the company clinic for treatment.  You have the right to choose to treat with your own doctor free from any influence of a “company” doctor.  That may be your family doctor, a specialist, a chiropractor, or any other medical provider that you choose. 

This choice does not limit you to just one doctor.  You also may treat with any doctor or medical professional that your choice of doctor may refer you to for additional treatment.  For example, you may choose to treat with your family doctor.  That physician may refer you to a specialist.  That specialist may refer you to physical therapy.  Your department must pay all the medical bills from these three providers. 

What if you aren’t happy with the treatment you received from these providers? Illinois workers’ compensation law’s “2 choice rule” allows you to make a second choice of doctors, with the same referral rights as your first choice. 

What if you had no say in choosing your first doctor because the first doctor that treated you was at the emergency room?  The emergency room doctor does not count as one of your choices of doctors.  Upon your discharge from the emergency room, you are free to make your first choice of doctors.

From time to time, your employer does have the right to send you for an evaluation with a doctor of its choice.  This type of evaluation, known as an Independent Medical Examination, does not count as choice of doctors.  It is for an evaluation only. 

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act mandates that your department must pay for 100% of the medical treatment you require because of your work injury.  There are no co-pays you need to make.  There is no balance billing that is allowed.  And if you have filed a workers’ compensation case at the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission, your medical providers cannot pursue a collection action against you in court while your case is pending for any medical bills that your department refuses to pay.

Remember, report all work injuries.  Seek treatment for your injuries.  Seek treatment with your own doctor.


I just wanted to let you and your office know how pleased I was with your handling of my case!

Dear Russell, I just wanted to let you and your office know how pleased I was with your handling of my case. The promptness in which you handled this matter and the professionalism you showed while doing so was greatly appreciated. Should there arise another time in which I need assistance or should an acquaintance […]

M. Wright

Attorney Dexter Evans Was Always Available to Answer Any Concerns I Had.

D.J. was always available to answer any concerns I had. The entire case was handled professionally. I am completely satisfied with entire staff at Woodruff Johnson & Evans that I encountered.

John N.

Attorney Jay Johnson went above and beyond!

Attorney Jay Johnson went above and beyond. He made everything so easy and was always available for any questions I needed to ask. I highly recommend Woodruff Johnson & Evans!

Chad M.

Attorney Russell Haugen was awesome!

Attorney Russell Haugen was awesome at handling my case and very communicative on a lot of information I needed help with as well. He also took out the time to make sure I was handled with great provision! Thanks

Jashaunti P.

Russ Haugen and Woodruff Johnson & Evans Have Been My Attorneys For a Couple Different Cases.

Russ (and his firm Woodruff Johnson & Evans) has been my attorney during  a couple different cases. I have been extremely pleased with Russ’ work. He answers calls and always follows up even if there has been no movement on your case. I believe he’s personable and he gets to know his clients and going […]

Teresa D.

Attorney Leandro Alhambra Was Very Responsive to Adressing My Concerns. I Didn’t Have to Worry About Anything

I was so impressed by Lee’s responsiveness during such a long and potentially confusing process. I never had to worry about anything during the entire case.

Torianna L.

Thank You Mr. Jay Johnson and May God Bless You.

Thank you so much, Mr. Jay Johnson! I was very pleased with your service. If I need legal help in the future, I will call on you again. If I know of someone who needs legal help, I will give them your number. Thank You and May God Bless You.

Carolyn G.

When Russell Haugen took my case, I never had to follow-up as he ensured that I was always updated on the status.

It was a very long process for me as I started my case with one of their former colleagues then it was assigned to Russell Haugen, who worked diligently to finalize the case. From the beginning, he took the necessary time to clearly explain the position of the case, the potential timing of all the […]

Beverly F

Great Team of Lawyers

Attorney Dexter Evans is a part of a great team of lawyers and staff at Woodruff Johnson & Evans. They really get the job done. Excellent communication and great outcomes. I definitely recommend them for any injury cases anyone may have.

Travion H

From day one, Russell Haugen and Woodruff Johnson & Evans handled the work comp case with empathy and diligence. Highly recommended.

I would definitely recommend Woodruff Johnson & Evans to anyone I know that need legal help with a worker’s comp issue. From day one I’ve felt comfortable and was always kept informed on what was going on with my case. Mr. Haugen was always pleasant and empathetic to my case and worked diligently. I would […]

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